Natural language processing with functional parsers

Natural language Processing (NLP) can be done with a structural approach using grammar rules. (The other type of NLP is using statistical methods.) In this post I discuss the use of functional parsers for the parsing and interpretation of small sets of natural language sentences within specific contexts. Functional parsing is also known as monadic […]

Phone dialing conversational agent

Introduction This blog post proclaims the first committed project in the repository ConversationalAgents at GitHub. The project has designs and implementations of a phone calling conversational agent that aims at providing the following functionalities: contacts retrieval (querying, filtering, selection), contacts prioritization, and phone call (work flow) handling. The design is based on a Finite State […]

Mathematica vs. R at GitHub

In brief This post is to announce the repository MathematicaVsR at GitHub that has example projects, code, and documents for comparing Mathematica with R. My plan is to proclaim new completed Mathematica-vs-R projects here, in this blog post, and when appropriate make separate blog posts about them. Mission statement The development in the MathematicaVsR at […]

Creating and programming domain specific languages

Introduction In this blog post I will provide links to documents, packages, blog posts, and discussions for creating and utilizing Domain Specific Languages (DSLs). I have discussed a few DSLs in previous blog posts (linked below). This blog post provides a more general, higher level view on the application and creation of DSLs. The concrete examples are with Mathematica, […]

UML diagrams creation and generation

This post is to show how to create and generate Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams in Mathematica. It is related to programming in Mathematica using Object-Oriented Design Patterns. Although this post is not about prediction per se it is going to be referenced and used in future posts about predictive algorithms and challenges. Package functions […]

Simple time series conversational engine

Introduction In this blog post I am going to discuss the creation (design and programming) of a simple conversational engine for time series analysis. The conversational engine responds to commands for: 1. loading time series data (weather data, stock data, or data files), 2. finding outliers, 3. analysis by curve fitting, 4. plotting, and 5. […]

Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Mathematica

Introduction In this blog post I would like to proclaim a recent completion of the first version of a document describing how to implement the most important (in my view) Object-Oriented Programming Designed Patterns by GoF. Here is the link to the document in MathematicaForPrediction at GitHub: “Implementation of Object-Oriented Programming Design Patterns in Mathematica”  […]